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Consulting Services

I am passionate about helping brands within the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle spaces reach their goals and find success. I specialize in creating custom consulting packages for brands to help them reach their long-term objectives. I use my expertise to help build your brand, connect with influencers, make a meaningful impact on social media, and establish loyalty within your target audience.

By leveraging my knowledge and experience, I will provide you with the tools and strategies to reach your goals and create an impactful brand presence.


  • Exploratory kick-off meeting to best understand the needs and goals of your brand

  • Regular communication with you and your team to deliver progress updates

  • Conclusion meeting to analyze overall results

Product Seeding

  • Individualized expert research into social creators + editors/writers that would be the best advocates for your brand and products

  • Custom curated gifting list including social handle, email, mailing address, tracking info, and other rate info for future partnerships or collaborations

  • Full-scale outreach and promotion including direct initial contact, following up, & consistent conversation once product is received to ensure content is maximized

  • Final analysis of each round of outreach including metrics on conversions, press placements, etc.

  • UGC folders created & shared including any and all assets


Content Strategy

  • Audit your current content strategy to identify what is working and what isn’t

  • Crafting social strategy across channels and platforms

  • Curating specific ideas tailored to your goals and brand

Brand Marketing Strategy

  • Audit your current brand marketing strategy to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

  • Create a tailored individual strategy and budget based on goals

Influencer Management

  • Create an influencer database and/or build upon existing database

  • 1-on-1 influencer partnership management throughout length of campaign including consistent communication with internal brand team and influencer’s representatives

  • Establish long and short-term relationships with content creators for paid partnerships

Content Creation

  • Create content based on desired strategy

  • Platforms & deliverables:

    • Instagram Reels

    • Instagram Static In-Feed Posts

    • Instagram Carousel Posts

    • Instagram Stories

    • TikTok

    • Paid ad content

    • UGC

Social Media Management

  • Create a custom plan and calendar for posting content including ideal days of the week, times of day

  • Direct scheduling of content for desired social media platforms

  • Community engagement with followers for a predetermined amount of time per day

  • Metrics analysis after 30, 60, and 90 days of implemented plan

Press Outreach

  • Conduct regular press outreach based on desired, mutually agreed upon schedule

  • Pitch editors & writers based on individual client goals (product launch, new campaign, sustainability news, etc.)

  • Curate a custom list of editors and writers that would best fit brand goals


  • Establish brand standards and best practices for overall voice, tone, and messaging initiatives

  • Expert, branded copywriting for social media, email marketing, website, e-commerce, blogs, etc.

  • Editing any existing brand-specific copy

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